Saturday, May 29, 2010

PIxel Art 1.0: Dark Mansion Game

Pict 1.0. Lab Area

Pict 2.0. Library Area

Pict 3.0. Kitchen Area

This is the artwork that I made for the flash game which is not been published, because we have the problem with timing and the game concept which look boring :P well, Enjoy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Artbook Review 3.0: Shrek Art of the Quest

Since Shrek4: Forever After has just come out in the cinema (which I think is a pretty decent movie compare to the other 3 series, the second one is the best), I decide to review the artbook of Shrek Art of the Quest.

I'm really happy when I brought this book because it's 50% discount! plus this book is actually pretty rare to find.

Shrek Art of the Quest is the compilation of the 3 series artwork of the movie. The 4th movie edition artbook has been out in general bookstore. The book is covered in a box with the hard cover inside, you can feel the exclusiveness of this artbook.

The background and the character development have the balance portion and it all comes with a good quality artworks. There's also a lot of funny stuff that is not shown on the movie which make you giggle when you read it. It just to bad the narration is like a bedtime story, I'm quiet lazy to read it, maybe it just me lol.

The best part of this book is, they put a lot of attention in the layout that is designed in a storybook look and feel, I think this book has the best layout from any other artbook that I have. And also a lot of extra stuff like booklet and sticker scattered in this 150 pages book.

Overall, this book is fun! and it has a very good design in whole aspects, the bad is (my opinion) the information of the making is kinda boring and the pages which is to short. (Rating: 8,8/10)

There's still some of this book sell in Basheer Bras Basah, Singapore and it's still discound. Hurry up before it sold out.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to Rainbow

Welcome to Rainbow family! Right now I want to discuss about the company that I'm working in ( since a lot of my friend is unfamilliar with Rainbow media).
Rainbowmedia is the subsidiary of the Rainbow Spa group, we are the studio based in Singapore that specialize in making digital content such as games, apps and web for Rainbow product.

For your short information, Rainbow Spa is the animation company based in Loreto, Italy. Some of their main product are Winxclub, Huntik, Monster Allergy and the up coming title Poppixie.

Iginio Straffi is the CEO, founder and also the creator of the Winxclub series. One of the interesting story is the main character on the Winxclub which is Bloom was inspired by his wife Joanne Lee which is a Singaporean.
One thing I learned about Italian people, they are not only romantic in the movie but they are also romantic in the real life.
Italian guy, that is the compliment for you.
Don't get any wrong, the person on left is not Mr. Iginio Straffi, that is me!)

Since Winxclub become more and more popular (especially in Europe), they build a 3D studio in Rome for creating a 3D movie of Winxclub: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Right now they are in production on the second movie which will be screening maybe (I'm not sure :P) at the end of October in Italy, I dunno about Singapore. They currently in development of a theme park based on the Rainbow product called Rainbow Magicland. You can follow the development on facebook: Link

(Left) This is my seat... (Right) My neighbor a.k.a my Lead Artist

(Left) The view of Harbourfront (Right) Rainbow Magicland in development

(Left) Iginio Straffi with his wife on the premiere of Winxclubmovie in Singapore
(Right) The Second Winxclub Movie: Magical Adventure

Friday, May 14, 2010

Baratie Sketch 2.0

Hi, I'm back. So this is two of the sketches that I drew recently (again? you even haven't finished your coloring on Baratie sketch 1.0) yeah, I know that's me, easily distract with other stuff :P.

Lately, I dunno why, I like to draw a vehicle, maybe I've been influence by Akira Toriyama who like to draw unique vehicle (dude, Akira Toriyama is an old stuff) hey, but he is one of the legendary comic artist. Even Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and blah blah blah... is inspire by him, so there's nothing wrong with it right?

Okay, I think I become crazy talking to myself... So sory the image is blur, I don't have a scanner, so I just take picture from my camera phone, poor isn't it? So if there's someone who willing to contribute his scanner for me I would be very happy, if pretty girl I'm willing to take her as my girlfriend and if handsome and rich guy I'm willing to make him as my big brother LOL

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ATB - I Don't Wanna Stop

I just love this video, the music and the video come along with a sexy touch that makes you don't wanna stop to hear it. Just want to warn you there's some sexy scene that is not suitable for kids under age.

is what I'm talking about. Eventhough he is the #11th Best DJ in the world (some website proclaim that he is #4th after Tiesto #1st, Armin Van Buuren #2nd and David Guetta #3rd), to me he cannot be compared to his other competitor.

While DJ's I mention is more on the party kind of music, ATB has a soft and elegant music that makes you want to relax while drinking a wine at night ( you figured it out yourself ). It's not that I hate Tiesto or David Guetta, in fact I'm also a fan of David Guetta. But ATB is different!

FYI, ATB is a one man wonder name Andre Tanneberger, he is DJ and a producer for electronic dance from Germany. Right now he already released 8 album.

Actually this is the old music from his #4th Album "Addicted to Music". One of the music that make him famous is "9 PM (Till I come)" and "Ecstacy" (you can find the video on youtube).

His newest album "Future Memories" has been Released on May 2009. My favorite track is "My Everything" the style is almost looks like this video but with a faster bit, the second one is "Future Memories" which is more on the piano tunes, very cool ( Actually I love almost all of the music in this album).

If you like an electronic disco music in the relaxing way, with not much "ajedak ajeduk (Indonesian kind of word for: to many fast and overcrowded bit)". You will love ATB.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Artbook Review 2.0: The Art of Kungfu Panda

Okay, it's time for another book review. This time it's Kungfu Panda! One of my most favorite movie from Dreamworks so far. The book is bundled nicely with a dragon crafting on the hardcover and wrapped with some extra matte paper with the glossy cutting to cover it. Nicely done Insight Edition!

More than 100 page in this book filled with the character design from the great artist Nicholas Marlet, same guy behind How to train your Dragon Character design. In my opinion, Nico has delivered such an unique art style that is different from other character designer for 3D Animated movie. His style is more like comic or Illustration with a strong graphical characteristic on each of the character. I love his style!

The process of the making is written nicely, simple and right on the spot, but to bad is more on the inside production of the art. I want to know how they get the inspiration and some sample image from other resources such as a picture when they go to China for research ( if you get what I mean) that is not captured in this book.

The Environment art also have a small portion, maybe it's because there's not much variation on the setting, but they have a good quality graphic.

Overall, this book is more on the character design than anything else, but I really love this artbook, maybe it's more because on how they presented this book as an art book with a very good quality art and wrapped with a nicely done bundling book.

This is the sample page of the book, just click to see the bigger size. Enjoy! (Rating: 9/10)

Friday, May 7, 2010

WIP: Baratie Works

As a promise with myself, right now I'm working on the color version of Bartie Works 1.0. I admit, got so much influence or should I say inspiration from Tekkonkinkreet coloring style. This is still WIP (Work In Progress), hopefully I can finished this. Btw I have a problem while uploading the image, it shouldn't be this small, is there any way to set the image uploader size? anyone?