Friday, April 9, 2010


Welcome to my Playground!

This is my first post. I welcome everyone to share and view your thought in this blog of mine. Even if you want to share your feeling about love and life I am most welcome :)
My name is Antony. I am Chinese Indonesian, in this blog you will find all of my interest and hobby especially in the field on ENTERTAINMENT.

Right now I am working as a Game Artist (in the title :P) on one of the game company in Singapore. It is my dream to be working in the game company as a game artist, so if any of you got vacancies in game related job, I'm interested to hear more hehehe...

You can view more of my work in : ( my personal website ); ( my art gallery )

Okay then that's enough for the chit chat ( I think I more like advertise myself than doing some introduction :P ). Cheers!

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