Saturday, June 26, 2010

Miyavi - Survive VS The Raptures - House of the Jealous lover

Miyavi - Survive

The Rapture - House of the Jealous Lover

Love the music. Miyavi a Japanese Rock band with the punk emo style. Actually I don't really know this band, just found it on But this band looks promising, maybe it's famous in Japan.
After I heard several times, this music reminds me with the Electronic Dance punk group from New York, The Raptures. To me the music is almost looks the same. I put the other video for comparison. Which one do you think is better?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black Catz Comic

This is my oolllddd... 3 pages comic for the Binusian Comic Competition back then during my college time, didn't win the prize though, but it was quiet fun. The story is about the cat whose been infected by vampire blood and become a superhero cat :P

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gatchaman The 3D Movie Trailer And the Shut Down of Imagi Animation Studio

I feel so excited when I watched this Trailer. One of the coolest character from Tatsunoko Production.
Introducing Gatchaman a.k.a G.Force (Battle of The Planets), maybe some of you already knew this anime series back in the late 80's. The story is about 5 teenagers whose been train to become the science ninja team who battle against Galactor an evil terrorist organization.

The production is handled by Imagi Animation Studio, same studio who created the TMNT and Astroboy the Movie. Recent news I heard was they have a financial problem and right now been officially shut down. The TMNT was a flop ($54 million in theaters) same goes to Astroboy (making only $19.5 million the end in the US on a $65 million budget). I guess that was the end of their journey. However, it is mentioned that they "will continue to develop movie ideas and outsource the actual animation work to mainland China and other countries, where costs are lower."

Hopefully that was not only a rumor and they still keep continuing this Gatchaman movie. By the look of the trailer this movie looks promising. I personally feel so sad when I heard this news because I like Astroboy and I like their 3D style, actually it's not really incredible compare to pixar but they have an unique style which is different from other 3D movie. Dreamworks, why not you buy this studio and continue produce a good quality 3D Movie :P

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The War of Evalion

Main Character: Tere Labraroth (Indigo) with his Devil possessed Kirinarat

I love comic. I always want to create comic. But in the end, I never been able to finish the project :( This is one of the comic that I try to create back when I really been inspired by the Legendary comic Berserk.

This is the story about the war between 5 races : Human, Demon, Elf, Sluth and Indigo (main character: Half-breed).

Human is the highest among the other 4 races because of their Intelligence, they are the king who rule the world. Demon is the human servant, he is loyal, handsome and have the highest strength among other races.

One day The king, which is human, fell in love with Sluth. Sluth have the most beautiful physical appearance than other races, even the Demon fell in love with Sluth. The love triangle begun.

But since demon is only the servant of human, he let the king married with Sluth.
Because the effect of marriage between other races, The king lost 70% of their intelligence and Sluth more and more become ugly.

In the end, The king become disgust with Sluth and put her into the isolated room. Even though Sluth become ugly, the demon still love her. The king tried to kill Sluth by giving a poison in her meal and she died. This incident was heard by the demon and he become really angry with human. And the war begun...

Pict1.0.First Cover

The fate of the world lies in the hand of one man, Indigo (the son of the king and Sluth) which possessed a devil inside his shadow.

Pict2.0. The only four pages that I have done