Saturday, May 8, 2010

Artbook Review 2.0: The Art of Kungfu Panda

Okay, it's time for another book review. This time it's Kungfu Panda! One of my most favorite movie from Dreamworks so far. The book is bundled nicely with a dragon crafting on the hardcover and wrapped with some extra matte paper with the glossy cutting to cover it. Nicely done Insight Edition!

More than 100 page in this book filled with the character design from the great artist Nicholas Marlet, same guy behind How to train your Dragon Character design. In my opinion, Nico has delivered such an unique art style that is different from other character designer for 3D Animated movie. His style is more like comic or Illustration with a strong graphical characteristic on each of the character. I love his style!

The process of the making is written nicely, simple and right on the spot, but to bad is more on the inside production of the art. I want to know how they get the inspiration and some sample image from other resources such as a picture when they go to China for research ( if you get what I mean) that is not captured in this book.

The Environment art also have a small portion, maybe it's because there's not much variation on the setting, but they have a good quality graphic.

Overall, this book is more on the character design than anything else, but I really love this artbook, maybe it's more because on how they presented this book as an art book with a very good quality art and wrapped with a nicely done bundling book.

This is the sample page of the book, just click to see the bigger size. Enjoy! (Rating: 9/10)

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