Friday, May 14, 2010

Baratie Sketch 2.0

Hi, I'm back. So this is two of the sketches that I drew recently (again? you even haven't finished your coloring on Baratie sketch 1.0) yeah, I know that's me, easily distract with other stuff :P.

Lately, I dunno why, I like to draw a vehicle, maybe I've been influence by Akira Toriyama who like to draw unique vehicle (dude, Akira Toriyama is an old stuff) hey, but he is one of the legendary comic artist. Even Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and blah blah blah... is inspire by him, so there's nothing wrong with it right?

Okay, I think I become crazy talking to myself... So sory the image is blur, I don't have a scanner, so I just take picture from my camera phone, poor isn't it? So if there's someone who willing to contribute his scanner for me I would be very happy, if pretty girl I'm willing to take her as my girlfriend and if handsome and rich guy I'm willing to make him as my big brother LOL


  1. *very-envious-mode-on*

    sinih kirim kasi gw aja gw scan-in berapa banyak pun lo mau hahahah :))
    gileeee masterrrrr keren banget sumpah XD

  2. hadoh master, ngebayangin ngewarnainnya aja bikin gw mules. ditunggu hasil akhirnya.

  3. C: Haha thank you cil, eh buku Tekkonkinkreetnya habis treus nih udha cek beberapa kali di Kino, kayanya kl ada lagi harus beli tuh.

    W:kayanya kaga sempet g warnanya, yang sebelumnya ajah belom maju2 tuh :P, mana nih gambar elu, keluarin donk.