Friday, May 28, 2010

Artbook Review 3.0: Shrek Art of the Quest

Since Shrek4: Forever After has just come out in the cinema (which I think is a pretty decent movie compare to the other 3 series, the second one is the best), I decide to review the artbook of Shrek Art of the Quest.

I'm really happy when I brought this book because it's 50% discount! plus this book is actually pretty rare to find.

Shrek Art of the Quest is the compilation of the 3 series artwork of the movie. The 4th movie edition artbook has been out in general bookstore. The book is covered in a box with the hard cover inside, you can feel the exclusiveness of this artbook.

The background and the character development have the balance portion and it all comes with a good quality artworks. There's also a lot of funny stuff that is not shown on the movie which make you giggle when you read it. It just to bad the narration is like a bedtime story, I'm quiet lazy to read it, maybe it just me lol.

The best part of this book is, they put a lot of attention in the layout that is designed in a storybook look and feel, I think this book has the best layout from any other artbook that I have. And also a lot of extra stuff like booklet and sticker scattered in this 150 pages book.

Overall, this book is fun! and it has a very good design in whole aspects, the bad is (my opinion) the information of the making is kinda boring and the pages which is to short. (Rating: 8,8/10)

There's still some of this book sell in Basheer Bras Basah, Singapore and it's still discound. Hurry up before it sold out.

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  1. LOL ur definitely a lucky one, 50% discount! Love those sketches :D