Sunday, May 9, 2010

ATB - I Don't Wanna Stop

I just love this video, the music and the video come along with a sexy touch that makes you don't wanna stop to hear it. Just want to warn you there's some sexy scene that is not suitable for kids under age.

is what I'm talking about. Eventhough he is the #11th Best DJ in the world (some website proclaim that he is #4th after Tiesto #1st, Armin Van Buuren #2nd and David Guetta #3rd), to me he cannot be compared to his other competitor.

While DJ's I mention is more on the party kind of music, ATB has a soft and elegant music that makes you want to relax while drinking a wine at night ( you figured it out yourself ). It's not that I hate Tiesto or David Guetta, in fact I'm also a fan of David Guetta. But ATB is different!

FYI, ATB is a one man wonder name Andre Tanneberger, he is DJ and a producer for electronic dance from Germany. Right now he already released 8 album.

Actually this is the old music from his #4th Album "Addicted to Music". One of the music that make him famous is "9 PM (Till I come)" and "Ecstacy" (you can find the video on youtube).

His newest album "Future Memories" has been Released on May 2009. My favorite track is "My Everything" the style is almost looks like this video but with a faster bit, the second one is "Future Memories" which is more on the piano tunes, very cool ( Actually I love almost all of the music in this album).

If you like an electronic disco music in the relaxing way, with not much "ajedak ajeduk (Indonesian kind of word for: to many fast and overcrowded bit)". You will love ATB.

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