Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to Rainbow

Welcome to Rainbow family! Right now I want to discuss about the company that I'm working in ( since a lot of my friend is unfamilliar with Rainbow media).
Rainbowmedia is the subsidiary of the Rainbow Spa group, we are the studio based in Singapore that specialize in making digital content such as games, apps and web for Rainbow product.

For your short information, Rainbow Spa is the animation company based in Loreto, Italy. Some of their main product are Winxclub, Huntik, Monster Allergy and the up coming title Poppixie.

Iginio Straffi is the CEO, founder and also the creator of the Winxclub series. One of the interesting story is the main character on the Winxclub which is Bloom was inspired by his wife Joanne Lee which is a Singaporean.
One thing I learned about Italian people, they are not only romantic in the movie but they are also romantic in the real life.
Italian guy, that is the compliment for you.
Don't get any wrong, the person on left is not Mr. Iginio Straffi, that is me!)

Since Winxclub become more and more popular (especially in Europe), they build a 3D studio in Rome for creating a 3D movie of Winxclub: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Right now they are in production on the second movie which will be screening maybe (I'm not sure :P) at the end of October in Italy, I dunno about Singapore. They currently in development of a theme park based on the Rainbow product called Rainbow Magicland. You can follow the development on facebook: Link

(Left) This is my seat... (Right) My neighbor a.k.a my Lead Artist

(Left) The view of Harbourfront (Right) Rainbow Magicland in development

(Left) Iginio Straffi with his wife on the premiere of Winxclubmovie in Singapore
(Right) The Second Winxclub Movie: Magical Adventure


  1. Cool. ^^
    Would you like to post more about Winx club, PopPixie and Rainbow magicland? ^^
    I like those projects most, and I own a winx club fansite:


  2. Hi Magicalwinx, nice to meet you :)
    Btw, nice site you have. Sure, I will update you if there's interesting information related on Winxclub. Maybe we also can have some feedback from you related on our product, because we always want to improve ourself in order to satisfy our fans.


  3. Ciehhh, master, fotonya keren master. br gunting rambut? Nice working place. At least u got 2 monitors lol.